Multi-Device Interactive Floor Plan Viewer

Currently available for web, onsite kiosks and most tablets including iPad.

Interactive Floorplans on iPad



!nteractive Plan is an engaging product presentation interface developed for new home builders. Use it at every point-of-contact in your customer's home shopping experience. Designed by a team with decades of knowledge in the home building and new home marketing industry, !Plan is a robust application that invites customers to view plans, elevations, images, options and even pricing of your homes on the Internet and kiosks in your sales and design centers. It also gives you the capability to update your plan inventory in real time. And it produces printed inserts on demand with the exact features and options your home buyer has chosen for their new home.

About $10 a day. Unlimited floor plans!

Your website is the first place the majority of homebuyers see your homes. iPlan allows them to see each home plan clearly as they choose the options and features they want. When your customers visit your home center on site, your sales consultants can easily walk them through each home plan exploring multiple options to consider and compare. The prospective homebuyer leaves with sales materials configured exactly as they "dream" their home! The savings alone from trashing outdated floor plan marketing sheets far exceeds the investment in iPlan.

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!Plan is compatible with existing websites and works on any web server.

Doesn't require a database or have special server requirements.

It's an effective sales tool to present options and upgrades to your customers.

iPlan provides your customers current marketing materials that reflect their chosen home options and features.

Saves thousands of dollars previously wasted on "out-of-date" marketing materials.

Takes advantage of the most current and future presentation technology.

Available for iPad and most other tablets.

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Scalable Interface

Unlike other viewers, !Plan takes advantage of full-screen resolutions, automatically scaling to fit any monitor or kiosk.


Embedded Photos

Embed photos and/or video throughout the plan for additional appeal.


Options Selection

Rollover options to display, click to lock in place. Square footage and pricing are automatically updated.


Multi-level Viewing

View multi-floors in place over first floor making it easy to visualize the full floor plan in position.


Print on Demand

Don't waste money on out-dated marketing materials. Print various pages, with chosen options using minimal ink.


Integration Services

We can program a custom visual interface for your sales center kiosks that combines any of our products into a single, easy-to-use, consumer-friendly interface. We also build tools that allow your team to easily manage all of your communities' marketing materials. And we can utilize your existing infrastructure.